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Proposed Fence on The Green Hothfield

By Mrs M Norris Hothfield Parish Council

Monday, 6 September 2021


Hothfield Parish Council Contributor


Proposed Fence on Village Green

'HPC is proposing to build a fence along the north side of the informal car park that visitors to the Children's Centre use, and also the track around the former school, used by residents on West Street. The purpose of the fence is to stop parking on the green, and also to prevent wheelies and other damaging activity by vehicles of various kinds on the main part of the green. The fence would cross the green from the school side of the entry point by the zebra crossing towards the far left lamppost on the Muga. The fence would match the design and materials of the fence on the road side of the green. There will be a locked central gate for official vehicles, perhaps with a gap there for pedestrian-only access, and also a larger gap by the Muga. The proposed route is shown below as a black line. Two quotes have been received, and KCC is currently considering a request for permission to build the fence on its land. Residents are invited to submit any comments on the proposal to the parish clerk before the 30th September 2021. The clerk can be contacted at

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