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Ashford Mediation Services

By Mrs M Norris Hothfield Parish Council

Wednesday, 3 June 2020


Hothfield Parish Council Clerk


In operation since 1997, Ashford Mediation Service is a charity offering free mediation services for people in the borough of Ashford. We are staffed by professionally trained volunteers who have completed their training in mediation techniques. We are governed by a Board of Trustees to ensure that how we conduct ourselves adheres to the guidelines set out by the Charity Commission.

Our mediators have a wealth of experience and they offer an empathetic and caring approach to helping you resolving your issues, e.g. neighbourly, boundary, noise etc etc disputes.

As mediators, they will not take sides or blame anyone, but they will offer you a safe and neutral place to meet to discuss your problems.

Their advice, whilst not legally binding, is provided to help you to find an agreeable solution to the things that are bothering or upsetting you.

Our mediators are from the local community, so they know the local area and the people within the borough of Ashford. They are dedicated to finding solutions that work for all parties involved in a dispute.

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Contact Information

Mrs M Norris

  • 07595 310815

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